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4 Important Skills a Telemarketer Should Possess

Thousands of telemarketing companies still exist today, and thousands of employees are employed to do telemarketing. To this day, it still remains as a cost-effective way to market your business. It is used by companies to sell their products or services and tap into new markets and customer bases.

The telemarketing process involves reaching out to potential customers via a phone system. The aim is to discuss the company's products or services with potential clients, eventually making a sale. Although it is the age of digital advertising, telemarketing has created a space for direct communication like no other. It helps to build a stronger connection with the clients and since you are in contact with customers, it also serves as an efficient tool for analysing the success of a brand's marketing or sales campaigns through gathering reviews from customers.

Telemarketing can be a valuable element of your marketing strategy. However, for it to be effective, there are some important skills you must possess. Here are our top tips on becoming an effective telemarketer.

1. Speaking Positively

A positive attitude and sunny disposition can go a long way. You want to leave a lasting impression of your business, and a good one at that. Remember to be polite and speak positively when handling calls. Coming across as pushy or overly forceful will scare off potential customers before you can even make your sales pitch.

Instead, show a friendly attitude, a personable nature and a willingness to listen as well as talk. Use positive language, making your words kind and understanding. Try phrases such as “let me find that out for you” instead of “I don't know” to show your willingness to help. And remember, even though you cannot be seen, be professional.

2. Use the 4 Es


Use different tones to convey a message. You can do this by varying the tone of your voice when you want to make something sound interesting, or when you are going through important points of your sales pitch


Speak clearly and master articulation of difficult words, this will show your customer that you are willing to take the time and are patient to clearly communicate with them


Use a smooth and pleasant voice, having a positive tone will help to establish a sense of trust between you and the customer


Use the telephone as your instrument to shine - although your customer can't see you, they can still feel your energy through your sales pitch, ensure that it is a positive one by sounding energetic or enthusiastic.

3. Use a Script

No matter how good your product knowledge is, a telemarketer should never attempt to “wing it” during a sales call. A script will act as your guide - it does not need to be followed perfectly, but it outlines what you want, or have to say, in case you get stuck or forget in the middle of the call. It can also help you meet common phone challenges. A standard script should contain a greeting, a request for the customer and then a sales lead-in.

4. Be Prepared to Leave a Message

Do not fret if your call doesn't go through. You can ensure that your call hasn't been completely wasted by leaving the customer a message via voicemail. There are a few ways you can go about doing this.

You could let them know that someone mutual had suggested you give them a call since they needed the service you are offering. Alternatively, you can also make a warm cold call, directly pitching your product or service via voicemail.

While these nifty skills can further increase your efficiency as a telemarketer, a great telemarketer can only shine with the right tools - an excellent VoIP service. Find out how you can leverage Velox's VoIP solutions to generate more leads and sales for your business now.


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