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3 Best Marketing Techniques to Adopt in 2024

With the global pandemic, companies are paying increased attention to their marketing strategies to ensure that their brand is not forgotten by consumers even when brick and mortar stores have to be closed. New tips, tricks and hacks are developing nearly every day. The ripple effects of the pandemic have had profound implications for brands and marketers and tackling marketing in 2024 definitely has to do a lot with navigating through the current economic terrain and keeping up with the evolving nature of marketing.

Since e-commerce has peaked in recent years, it makes sense for brands to put extra focus on their online marketing efforts. It is also good to look out for digital marketing innovations to identify opportunities to improve leads and sales. But what other marketing techniques should businesses be adopting in 2024 as well? Read on to find out!

Tailor Marketing Strategies with Consumer Insights

It is critical to learn what matters most to your customers and prospects. Having a strong grasp of this can help you create better and more relevant marketing content for consumers. Content Exploration tools can help you uncover content and trending topics that are generating interest on social platforms and getting amplified by an audience. With such a rich source of data at hand, you will be able to personalise your brand's marketing content and enhance engagement levels with your target audience.

Learn from the content that is striking a chord among your customers to help develop your brand voice and insert your brand's unique angle into the new and existing marketing content. Leveraging on customer insights will also bring help to increase productivity in the long run.

Increased Accountability and Transparency

A new era of affiliate marketing has emerged in recent years due to social media. Brands and consumers now have unprecedented access to each other, allowing brands to build a sense of rapport and intimacy with consumers over social media platforms. Transparency goes hand in hand with authenticity. A surefire way to gain trust and build meaningful business relationships is to be completely clear in your intentions.

Consumers are demanding more transparency and honesty from brands in 2024. Social media acts as an intermediary - it builds trust through means of transparency and drives public accountability. A long-term customer-brand relationship will lead to long-term trust. CEOs of companies are at a place where they hold unique power to bolster the transparency of the brand through inspiring their employees to post authentically about their brand on social media.

Since social media also acts as a medium through which companies can directly interact with customers. Companies have the opportunity to gain the trust of more users as people tend to seek out brands they can trust more. Make an effort to engage with your customers, do not be afraid to openly admit to mistakes, and give credit where it's due.

Don't Neglect Telemarketing Efforts

While social media efforts take the lead in creating more awareness of brands, telemarketing efforts shouldn't be taking the back seat. Human interaction still plays a vital role in businesses. Especially during this time of the pandemic, when we are unable to be as social as we would like to be, forgoing telemarketing might lead you to pass up a lot of opportunities and potential leads.

The telemarketing landscape has had a large shift from its black rotary phone and yellow phone directory days. It is a great method to generate leads - to reach out to targeted prospects or customers to communicate a message to them. A good mix of research, available data, personalised contact and social connection might be just all you need to secure that client. Oh, and a VoIP phone too of course!

VoIP phones are a great way to continue telemarketing efforts even during remote working. With this modern communications solution, maintain connections on a network easily accessed via the Internet.

Brainstorming for a marketing campaign for your brand? Keep these useful tips in mind and give these marketing strategies a shot to enhance brand awareness for your business today!


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