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Cloud PBX for Businesses in Singapore

Every business, no matter how big or small, needs a reliable phone system. If you are looking for convenience and reliability, a cloud-based PBX system is your best bet. It is a private cloud-based system on which you can place or receive calls from your customers and clients through an internet connection. Not only can you leverage PBX solutions to make calls externally in Singapore and beyond, but it can also be used for internal communication within your company. A cloud PBX operates on various channels, including VoIP, analogue, or ISDN. It is usually hosted by a third-party service provider and comes with features such as conference bridges and external dialling.

Why PBX Phone Systems Are Cost-Effective for Small Businesses

One of the reasons why PBX phone systems are more effective for small businesses is that they do not require a costly infrastructure. Setting up hardware and software can be expensive for small businesses in Singapore. Cloud PBX phone systems are all online and do not require any IT infrastructure or maintenance. Cloud IP PBX systems are also portable. As long as your device has an internet connection, you can easily place and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Most third-party cloud PBX providers have mobile apps that your staff can download and use to collaborate on tasks in real time.

Based in Singapore, Velox provides affordable and functional phone systems, as well as hosted PBX solutions. We offer low call rates for our users. You also get unlimited users on the platform,and a high level of configurability with the ability to create ring groups whiling controlling the system’s use. Other features include a centralised phonebook, blacklist, call recording options, and voicemail-to-email functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud-Based PBX Systems

Is Cloud-Based PBX The Same As VoIP?

Contrary to popular belief, business VoIP phone systems are not the same as cloud-based PBX systems. While both phone systems help in lowering the total cost of ownership compared to an on-premises phone system, they are two different things.

The most significant difference between the two lies in their functionality. PBX system solutions is an automated answering system that directs calls, whereas a hosted business VoIP phone system comes with complete features to seamlessly make professional calls, including international calls. Learn more about VoIP phone international calls.

Choosing the right office phone in Singapore is crucial for running a successful business. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a cloud PBX phone system provider to determine the best solution for your small business or enterprise.

What Does IP PBX Stand For?

Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange, also known as IP PBX, is a system that is built over IP-based architecture for delivering and managing voice communication services. PBX phone systems in Singapore provide IP telephony and switching services between an IP telephone network and a public switched telephone network system.

Is Cloud PBX A VoIP?

While cloud PBX is not the same as a VoIP PBX system, it uses VoIP technology to provide more phone number extensions, all while offering advanced calling features, without using expensive on-premise hardware.

Cloud PBX is a virtual private office phone system or network, allowing users to communicate and route calls over the Internet as opposed to using on-premise hardware. On-premises PBX phone systems require expensive hardware, a lengthy contract, regular system maintenance, additional fees for advanced features and support. In Contrast, cloud PBX systems in Singapore do not need on-site hardware, and have a quick set-up process, allowing users to manage it on their own and not have to wait on telco technical support to resolve issues.

A hosted PBX system is also an ideal solution to seamlessly add more phone lines and extensions, or even configure advanced business telephony figures, all without the high costs of conventional PBX solutions. This low-cost scalability makes it an excellent PBX system for small and medium-sized businesses.

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