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ZohoCRM and ZohoPhoneBridge Integration

The Velox extension for Zoho is an innovative solution to integrate your existing Velox phone system with the Zoho platform, helping your sales and support teams handle more calls more effectively. Users can manage all call-related activity inside Zoho and enrich customer interactions through call notifications, click to dial, and call recording features.

The best thing about this phone system is that it is more efficient than traditional landlines. They also come with a range of features that are not present in the traditional phone system such as call recording and high definition audio.

Why do companies need integrations?

With Velox Networks Cloud Based PBX integrated in Zoho, you’ll improve your management and commercial attention to your customers, through features such as direct dialing in one click, incoming call information via pop-up, and the registration of all calls in the customer’s file.

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If you are thinking of procuring a phone system on cloud, look no further than Velox. As a trusted cloud phone system provider, our business VoIP phone system is catered towards helping businesses enjoy quality communication within the team and with their prospects.

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