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VoIP Cloud Phone Systems

Clear, professional and enjoyable communication is the cornerstone of any new business that is looking to expand. And for that, a phone system is tantamount to any business in Singapore and abroad that wants to grow and prosper.

Office phone systems are essential for all big and small businesses in Singapore, but for your business to save costs and enjoy quality calls, why not swap your outdated landlines for a cloud-based IP phone?

The best virtual corporate phone systems provide a competitive advantage for a small business brought by consumer-centred strategies. Also known as IP PBX phone systems or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, they are very practical for small businesses in Singapore because they work anywhere with an internet connection with minimal disruptions and maximum clarity for easy communication with external and internal parties.

While businesses have the option to hire an entire department to manage these aspects of business operations, employing a scalable enterprise solution would prove more efficient as it can expand along with businesses as needed.

Why Does Your Business Need an IP Phone?

Whether your business operates in Singapore or overseas, IP phone systems reduce costs in many aspects. They don't require on-premises installations and can be easily integrated into your existing systems. These corporate phone systems take up no physical space at all because – as the name suggests – they are all virtual.

Furthermore, these IP phone systems are proven to reduce communication costs, brought about by internet integration, unlike regular phone calls that charge per call minute.

Making changes is also straightforward, even for individuals in small businesses that don't have prior VoIP experience. You can easily add users, features, phone lines, and more without the need for an on-site technician every time. In the unlikely event of an error, you can easily reach out to your VoIP providers' helpline for solutions.

Choose Velox, Singapore’s Top Cloud VoIP Provider

If you are interested in investing in a VoIP phone system but don't know where to start, choose Velox. Based in Singapore, we are one of the best VoIP phone providers for small businesses. Our low-cost business VoIP phone leverages cloud technologies to give all users a seamless experience for calls in and out of Singapore.

Clear, professional, and enjoyable communication is the cornerstone of any business that is looking to expand. And for that, a VoIP office phone system is essential, especially for any business in Singapore or abroad that wants to grow and prosper.

Frequently Asked Questions About VoIP Phone Systems In Singapore

Are VoIP Phone Systems Good For Small Businesses In Singapore?

VoIP phone systems are good for both small and new businesses because, unlike traditional office phone systems, there is no need for the set-up of complicated equipment. You also do not need any IT staff to manage your VoIP phone system either; making it more affordable for businesses that are on a budget.

To set up your VoIP corporate phone service, all you need is a reliable Internet connection, good bandwidth, and Velox, one of the top VoIP office phone system providers in Singapore. If your small business deals with international clients, we are also capable VoIP providers for international calls.

What Is Involved In The Set-Up Of VoIP Phones?

For your VoIP phone system to work, you need to have a modem and router, which are all part of your existing Internet setup. This allows users to be able to make calls from any device as long as they have the call software downloaded. There is no need for you to purchase a new modem or router; however, if your business’ internet connection is not robust enough, all you need to do is upgrade it to the sufficient bandwidth.

If you are looking to install a VoIP office phone system for your business in Singapore, but do not know where to start, fret not. Velox is one of the top VoIP service providers for both small and new businesses. Offering low-cost corporate VoIP office phones in Singapore, we leverage cloud technology to bring you seamless call experiences. Reach out to us today to find out more!

What Is Included In The Packages Provided By Top VoIP Providers In Singapore?

When you choose Velox, you’ll get to enjoy:

● Free office phone system set-up for your small business or enterprise in Singapore
● Fully inclusive advanced call centre features
● Free Velox Softphone App for both desktop and mobile
● 30 days termination after minimum term
● 24/7 technical support team, and many more.

Discover More features that you will get to enjoy when you choose Velox.

Network of different computers with informatin being passed around and uploaded in the cloud

Superb Call Quality for All Your Employees

No installation cost
No on-site PBX system required
No maintenance
No training cost
No IT knowledge required
24-48 hours system setup


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