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Make low cost but Crystal Clear VoIP International Calls with Velox

Today, we live in the age of mobile phones. The prevalence of mobile phones can be seen far and wide. However, the phone system is still important for businesses. Every business must have clear communication with their clients and customers. Making VoIP calls also allows you to have secure communications with your clients and ensures that the calls are enhanced for excellent clarity.

A VoIP phone system helps to stay well-connected with colleagues and clients. Moreover, if your business intends to venture overseas, you will need to use international calls to reach your prospects and clients.

However, as any business owner knows, VoIP international call rates can be costly.

If you have customers and clients from different countries around the world, you want to get in touch with them at the lowest call prices. You would also want a system that has maximum clarity. For that, a cloud PBX would come in handy.

A Cloud-based Phone System Built to Serve You

By comparison, cloud-based systems offer greater clarity as all you really need is stable Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can answer calls on-site, at home, or even when you are overseas.

More importantly, cloud PBX systems save you the hassle of furiously scribbling down notes during a call. Instead, you can focus more on engaging with your prospects and paying attention to your clients’ interests.

Affordable Rates for Your Business

Here at Velox, we offer a cost-efficient VoIP phone system which helps you enjoy maximum clarity at the lowest costs. Whether local or international call, you can enjoy ease of communication with enhanced clarity.

With affordable prices, you can easily reach prospects across the globe at the lowest costs. Get in touch with us to find out more about our phone system today.