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4 Signs You Should Upgrade Your PBX Phone System

Whether you are running a start-up tech company, or a well-established corporation, certain aspects and fundamentals of your business operation remain the same. Hence, there are common protocols to guide daily operations, ensuring that everyone aligns with the goals of the company.

However, for many business owners, these key fundamentals of a business are often overlooked rather than seen as an investment. An example of an element that is often overlooked would be the company's phone system.

Did you know that phone systems have to be constantly upgraded? At Velox, we recommend companies upgrade phone systems because it is a critical business tool used on a regular basis to connect with important stakeholders such as vendors and customers.

Read on as we share several signs that you can look out for in a dated PBX phone system that is holding your business in Singapore back.

Common components of a PBX System

A legacy phone system consists of outdated technology - it is expensive to maintain and does not deliver modern features. It could be costing your business by eating away at profits. Using an ageing phone can cause you to overpay and receive less than stellar performance.

It has limited performance

Your phone will always be a step behind because of its limited functionalities and features. It requires an on-site PBX system, making it impossible to integrate with mobile devices. This is risky as customers may not even be able to reach someone when they have an issue, ultimately downgrading the customer experience.

Some of the features of a PBX system also no longer work. However, it still requires maintenance work to be done more often. This leads to a decrease in cost-efficiency as you will be consistently hit with recurring fees for upgrades and support.

You are still using an on-site PBX system

It is time to move on to cloud PBX systems in Singapore. No more bulky phone system which uses obsolete technology and uses outdated hardware that needs to be repaired. With an entirely cloud-based infrastructure, you never need to worry about it going out-of-date, or additional maintenance costs.

Upgrading to a hosted system removes the need to get more phone lines installed every time the business grows. You can add and remove users at a minimal cost. A cloud phone system is user-friendly, and you get to save on many aspects such as calling aspects, hardware, and wiring.

Your current phone system offers no scalability

If your business in Singapore is experiencing rapid growth, so will your call volume. Can your current phone system handle the increasing call volume? Your phone system should not be holding back expansion. As your business grows, an upgrade is necessary to accommodate more users. A new cloud PBX phone system will make it easier to add users, offices, devices, numbers, services, and capacity without reinventing the wheel. Investing in a cloud VoIP provider in Singapore helps ensure that your phone system scales with your business as it grows and expands. What's more, you can also incorporate additional calling features during busier periods to drive conversion rates and sales.

Want to know more about having a cloud PBX phone system? Read our guide here!

You are unable to manage phone systems in different locations

In the past few years, we have seen how quickly circumstances can change - businesses are no strangers to this either. One of the many sudden changes the pandemic brought about was a shift to remote work. Although many in Singapore are now returning to their offices, there are still many companies opting for their employees to continue working remotely for at least a few days within the week.

Old phone systems are unable to handle multiple offices or phone systems in multiple locations. Multi-site businesses will benefit from an upgrade so communications can be unified. New PBX phone systems can allow employees to call from a single phone number despite different locations. So it doesn't matter if you are stepping out of the office for a moment, or working from home, you can still be connected with the same work number and features that you would enjoy at your desk.

Leverage on Digital Tools

Technology is constantly changing. As a business operating in Singapore, the benefits of enlisting a cloud VoIP provider to upgrade your phone system are endless. Get a cloud PBX system that can change with your needs. Upgrade your phone system today. Find out more about Velox's VoIP solutions now.


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