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4 Telemarketing Strategies For 2024

Telemarketing sales have grown in demand thanks to the pandemic. With the O-micron variant posing a threat to the reopening of the economy, it is important for companies or businesses to continue their telemarketing efforts. If used strategically, telemarketing is extremely effective in many areas. You can build personal connections with customers and gain insights required for a deeper understanding of their interests, needs and buying modes.

Over the years, the world of telemarketing has shifted greatly. Many changes have been integrated to allow for telemarketing to keep bringing the value of human engagement to a diverse range of marketing strategies. The future of telemarketing will be directly related to constantly developing technology. Artificial intelligence, new software, and maybe even robots - these are just some of the ways in which telemarketing will evolve. Telemarketing is definitely a field on which to keep an eye.

1. Video Conferencing as an Addition to Telemarketing

Video conferencing has grown in popularity due to remote work and has redefined the telesales strategy. Cold calling doesn't have to be as cold as it used to be. Video conferencing tools act as great additions to cold calling strategies. Rather than remaining as an anonymous voice on the line, video conferencing allows for the whole experience to go one step further and feel personal. It also gives businesses the opportunities to nurture the relationships they've built with their existing clients, without them leaving the premises of the office building.

Furthermore, in addition to pitch meetings and discussions, businesses can use video conferencing to do product demonstrations. Clients would actually be able to see the products that they are being told about, and you have the freedom to explain the features of the service or the product even by using body language.

2. Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence tools have been growing in complexity and application over the past decade. With advanced speech recognition technology and the ability to make sense of large volumes of data, leveraging on AI to complement telemarketing can be extremely beneficial for B2B sales. AI-powered telemarketing provides an array of new and emerging tools which help to redefine the customer experience.

AI can be used to sift through the customer base for suitable prospects for conversion. It can help to identify quality leads to follow up on, which means a great deal of time saved for telemarketers. It leaves them with more room to focus on their sales strategies. All in all, paving the way for increased efficiency.

3. Choose Cloud-based VoIP Services

What is a cloud-based VoIP service? It is a cloud phone system that doesn't need you to manage any phone system hardware. It works by combining the services of a traditional phone system and a third-party provider that hosts on a cloud server. Yes, this means that it can be set up remotely. Which also makes it the perfect solution for the pandemic. It requires absolutely no on-premises technology or hardware, has higher efficiency and speed, and does all this at a lower cost than a traditional phone system.

Say goodbye to your old and expensive system and hello to an improved customer experience. A cloud-based VoIP service is also accessibly via any device with Internet access, meaning your telemarketing staff can continue to stay productive outside the office, or no matter where they are.

4. Make Use of Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) to Improve Customer Service

What is CCaaS? It is a cloud-based customer experience solution that allows companies to utilise a contact centre provider's software. Businesses are able to only purchase the technology they need, and this reduces the need for internal IT support. It helps contact centres to manage their interaction with their inbound and outbound call customers.

It also helps call centre managers to manage and monitor their agents via detailed reporting as well as tools to support call centre agents such as call whispering. Through this, businesses can track the contact channels, and use this data to make informed decisions.

Velox will be providing CCaaS services to all our customers for free in the upcoming months. It is the perfect scalable solution for your telemarketing needs,

Every business will have its own sets of unique needs. Find out how Velox can help you improve your telemarketing strategy today.


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