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Why VoIP Phones Are Better Than Traditional Phones for International Calls

With more businesses transitioning to cloud-based technology, many are also switching from traditional office phone systems to VoIP phone systems due to their more significant advantages. Here are a few reasons why many companies are transitioning to VoIP phone systems, especially for international calls:

● Compared to traditional phone systems with hefty long-distance charges, VoIP leverages the power of the Internet to make calls. Therefore, there is substantial cost-savings, making international expansion more affordable and feasible.

● Unlike traditional phone systems that are confined to a single location, VoIP allows users to make and receive calls from anywhere with an Internet connection. This means that employees can work remotely or while on business trips, ensuring uninterrupted communication and boosting overall productivity.

VoIP phone systems excel in scalability since you can add new lines or extensions without the need for physical infrastructure changes. This agility allows your business to grow without the hassle of lengthy and costly adjustments to your phone system.

● With advanced internet speeds and cloud-based infrastructure, businesses can enjoy improved call quality, even on overseas calls. This can ensure better communication experiences for your business partners and clients.

How to Use Velox for VoIP International Calls

● Sign up and choose a plan
● Download and install the Velox App or have the Velox IP Phone installed on your office
● Configure your VoIP settings
● Dial an international number
● Enjoy cheap international calls

Enjoy Cheap Rates For VoIP International Calls with Velox

Today, the prevalence of mobile phones can be seen far and wide. However, the phone system is still important for businesses. Every business in Singapore must have clear communication with their clients and customers. Making VoIP conference calls also allows you to have secure communications with your clients and ensures that the calls are enhanced for excellent clarity.

A VoIP phone system helps to stay well-connected with colleagues and clients. Moreover, if your business intends to venture overseas, you will need to use international calls to reach your prospects and clients.

As such, if you’re looking for a VoIP service provider that can help you ensure clear and seamless international calls, then Velox will be an excellent choice for your business. With Velox, you can enjoy affordable rates without compromising the call experience. That way, you can boost productivity and grow your business while saving on communication costs.

VoIP International Call Rates Comparison

A typical Velox VoIP call consumes 100 kbps, which is a very small amount of data, so it will have virtually no impact on your roaming data plan. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for your roaming incoming calls and roaming outgoing calls? You can save 99% of that cost by using the Velox mobile app, software, or IP phone for international calls, so inquire with us today.

View our latest international call rates or see our Call Cost Comparison chart for more information.

A Cloud-Based Phone System Built to Serve You

By comparison, cloud-based systems powered by VoIP technology offer greater clarity as all you really need is stable Wi-Fi or mobile data. It’s especially beneficial for businesses that have international clients or partnerships. With a VoIP phone, you can answer calls on-site, at home, or even when you are overseas.

More importantly, cloud PBX systems save you the hassle of furiously scribbling down notes during a call. Instead, you can focus more on engaging with your prospects and paying attention to your clients’ interests. So, when you switch to a cloud-based office phone system for international calling, go for the top VoIP service provider in Singapore — Velox.

Frequently Asked Questions About VoIP International Calls

What are the cost benefits of using VoIP for international calls compared to traditional phone systems?

Traditional systems often have high long-distance charges due to the infrastructure required. In contrast, VoIP leverages the Internet to transmit calls, drastically reducing costs. This makes expanding your business internationally more feasible and affordable. After all, you can enjoy low-cost international calls without compromising quality through services like Velox.

Can I make and receive VoIP calls from any location?

Yes, one of the primary advantages of VoIP phone systems is the flexibility to make and receive calls from anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can make local and international calls, whether you're working from home, in the office or travelling abroad.

How is the call quality with VoIP for international calls?

VoIP technology has advanced significantly, providing enhanced call quality for international communications. With stable Wi-Fi or mobile data, VoIP service providers like Velox deliver clear and crisp audio. This superior call quality is maintained even under varying network conditions, ensuring reliable communication.

What are the typical data consumption rates for Velox VoIP calls?

Expect to consume about 100 kbps of data on a regular Velox VoIP call. This is relatively low compared to other forms of digital communication, which means making international calls using this service will have minimal impact on your data plan.

How can using Velox save on international calling costs?

Using Velox for international VoIP calls can lead to substantial savings, especially compared to traditional phone systems and their expensive international rates. Velox offers affordable VoIP call rates and various plans tailored to your calling needs. Without costly roaming charges, you’re reducing your communication expenses by up to 99%.

What additional features does Velox provide for managing international calls?

Velox provides several advanced features to manage international calls effectively. These include detailed call analytics, call forwarding, voicemail to email and the ability to add or remove users seamlessly. Additionally, Velox’s VoIP services support conference calling and secure communications, ensuring that your international business calls are not only affordable but also secure.

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