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Are Voip Phone Systems Good For Real Estate Businesses?

When talking about fierce industries, the real estate industry is perhaps one of the most competitive ones out there in Singapore. They constantly compete with realtors from across the island and sometimes on a global scale. Many factors come into play when buying real estate - lifetime savings, plans, and it is a matter of investment. This explains why the industry also heavily relies on relationship building between the business and the customer. Consequently, it explains an effective phone system has the potential to be a huge contributor to your real estate success.

Proper and continuous communication is key to a successful sale. Buying property is significant for most. Hence, they tend to ask many questions to clear all their doubts before considering purchasing a piece of real estate. Traditional phones just don't cut it anymore. They are not able to take in a high volume of calls, nor do they have automated systems, making it infeasible for the nature of real estate communications. In fact, they pose many barriers to what should be uninterrupted communications. So, what would be an effective solution? And here is where voice-over IP phone systems for businesses come in. Before diving into how VoIP phone systems can help real estate communications in Singapore, let's take a look at what real estate marketing is and its objective.

Real Estate Marketing

Much like any other product or service marketing, real estate marketing aims at promoting a real estate business, agent, or their properties for sale. It is not easy to make your presence known to interested buyers and to convince them that you are the better agency. Here is where marketing makes the difference. This advertising and communication are not only limited to phone calls. In today's digital world, real estate marketing has also shifted to social media platforms, garnering more attention from their target audience; agents have been receiving more calls. Hence, to keep up with the fierce competition and stay present in all of these channels, it is important to have a system that can track and analyse your marketing efforts to ensure that your marketing campaigns are working.

How Can VoIP Phone Systems Help Real Estate Marketing?

There are many channels through which real estate marketing can be done, and it is vital to respond quickly and clearly to customers. A VoIP phone system is a great way to allow this to occur seamlessly. It gives staff the freedom they need to excel in their job and will enable you to capture leads. Implementing a VoIP phone system simply requires the internet and a computer. And voila, all the fantastic VoIP features become available to you. It is an excellent weapon that real estate agents can wield to stand out in the market.

Real estate professionals are always on the way. VoIP phones make it easier for real estate professionals to remain completely mobile. Property tours, meetings, negotiations, updating property listings - so you can stay productive regardless of location. It also helps agents to target a specific audience and engage them, which, in turn, improves the marketing campaigns.

Benefits of VoIP Phones For Real Estate Agents

People prefer to have a personalised interaction with humans. VoIP phones are the perfect choice for real estate agents since they come with Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Regardless of who is calling, which can greet and direct callers professionally to the relevant department.

Even if you cannot answer right away, the VoIP system has your back. It comes with a music-on-hold feature, calming the customer on the line as they wait for the call to be answered. This adds professionalism and shows the caller that their time is valuable. VoIP phone systems also have a tracking feature.

Only the best quality is provided with VoIP phone systems. HD quality voice calling without interruptions, no disturbances can be expected, and customers can reliably get the answers they need. Voice-over-Internet Protocol phone systems are a cost-efficient option to help your business.

Scale Your Real Estate Business With Velox

Every feature of VoIP phones makes the lives of real estate agents easier and more efficient. It helps them run their business more smoothly due to its range of tools. Upgrade to cloud phone systems with Velox, a VoIP provider in Singapore today.


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