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Why You Should Integrate Telephony Into Your CRM Software

Compared to a decade ago, customers now have higher expectations regarding a brand's responsiveness. The way to meet these expectations is by raising the standard of your customer experience. The first step to doing so is to know who your customers are, what they want, and how your brand can give it to them.

Phone integration with your CRM system can pave the path for a better customer experience. The tools it provides let you tailor customer interactions to each caller, have customer information appear when someone calls, and so much more.

It's up to businesses to do the bare minimum to deliver a good customer experience. But why stop at the bare minimum when you have the chance to exceed expectations? Read on to see how integrating telephony into your CRM software is the way to go above and beyond what customers expect.

What Is CRM?

First, let's take a look at what CRM is. Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to a technology that is used for the management of your company's relationships and interactions with customers or potential customers. The penultimate goal here is to improve business relationships. A CRM system works as a tool that helps businesses focus on their organisation's connection with customers, colleagues, suppliers and others. With a CRM tool, you can gain a better insight into your customers, which makes it easier to collaborate and increase productivity.

Here's how having a CRM system is valuable for your business: For a company to last, a strategy for the future needs to be set in place. However, reliable information on your progress can be hard to come by. A CRM system proves helpful here since it can provide a clear overview of your customers - all in one place. Previous history, the status of their orders, outstanding issues and more. Since the system can be changed based on the number of users who access the system and which features are required for your business. Hence, it makes it both a cost-effective and scalable approach to implement. It is the best way to manage external interactions. All of this promotes brand loyalty and customer retention.

Benefits Of Phone Integration With CRM

A CRM phone integration has many features which can benefit both sales and support teams when it comes to achieving their targets and improving the overall customer experience.

The CRM system can store, access and analyse a massive amount of information, including details called ID and call history. Integrating your CRM with your cloud phone system in the office means more accessible access to all customer data in Singapore and elsewhere. All customer interactions through voice calls, emails, and social media channels. This information can then improve customer service.

Since it is now easier to access customer data, your employees are now left with more time to speak with your customers. Cloud PBX systems also enable you to route calls to the correct department and other features such as on-hold music. This makes it a pleasant experience overall for any customer who calls in. Merging communications and CRM tools also improve efficiency. With the cloud PBX system features such as dialling, call routing, and click-to-dial quality, employees have more free time to take care of other tasks that require their attention.

Sales processes also stand to benefit from this integration. Sales teams get real-time access to customer data, which they can use to make more informed decisions. Overall, all data is accessible in one place. Everyone using the system can have a complete view of each customer's history with your business. Hence, this better visibility and increased flexibility results in better client retention and more sales.

Velox Helps Your Business Stand Out

Customer relationship management, if done right, can help companies thrive. Employ the help of Velox's telephony services which can be tailored to suit different business needs to provide better customer service, encourage loyalty, and improve efficiency.

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