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How can Velox's latest Click-to-Call button boost your business

What is a click-to-call button?

Click-to-Call buttons are exactly as they sound. This feature allows its users to click directly on a phone number written on a website page and immediately places the call for them. Businesses use this as a marketing strategy on their websites to offer real-time communication between a customer and customer service agent.

There are three ways in which a click-to-call button can work:

Click to request a callback: A customer clicks a 'request a call' button and enters their phone number. The customer service agent will call them back.

VoIP click-to-call: A customer can click a button on a website and be directly connected to a customer support agent using their computer's inbuilt microphone and speaker. This call is made through the web, unlike a conventional phone call. This also happens to be one of the newest features Velox offers and even uses in its own website!

Click to call on a smartphone: This is when a normal phone call is triggered from their mobile when a customer clicks on a call button. It is different from a VoIP click-to-call.

Velox's Revolutionary Click-To-Call (C2C) Button

The C2C button is revolutionary, there is nothing like this anywhere that offers completely free calls from call initiator to company. Previous efforts to deploy a click-to-call (C2C) button have always been accompanied by costs which made it prohibitive. However, with Velox, the C2C button comes with no additional cost.

This amazing feature is sure to yield so many benefits for any company that decides to use it, including saving the company money, and increased customer satisfaction. In addition, the click to call button can be inserted in digital marketing campaigns for a unique and powerful call to action. Furthermore, you are able to customize it to complement your branding and is easy to set up.

Without a click-to-call button, you are setting yourself up for a difficult time. Imagine having multiple phone numbers for different countries and purposes. It would be a nightmare to set them up, manage them and pay for all of it. And in practice, they usually all lead to the same call center. Now imagine having different buttons for different purposes, and they remain consistent for each country. All a customer would need to do is click the button of their choice, and they are able to speak to the department of their choice. Simple and straightforward.

Other benefits include:

Improve customer segmentation and engagement

Customers usually have questions or want other information that is not readily available. With click-to-call, you are able to track this and intelligently segment your customers, thereby allowing you to target the right customers at the right time. By choosing the right button, customers are directed to the department that can answer their queries.

You can also integrate this feature with a corporate app - customers can contact you through free web calls. This button can also be incorporated into email signatures so that your email recipients can make free web calls directly from the email.

Get more customer data

Tracking click-to call interactions is much easier than tracking phone calls. The information gathered from tracking calls also serves as an incredible source for marketing purposes and more.

Other benefits of this data include being able to map your customer's journey on the website. Knowing where your customers call you from can highlight sticking points on your website. Empowering your agents with this information also makes them more effective and productive, hence, streamlining the customer service process.

Cost-efficient way to increase return

The increased benefits of having a click-to-call feature also include monetary benefits. If included in your digital marketingcampaigns, click-to-call buttons can serve as a unique call to action that allows viewers to call you directly from the advert. This click-to-call button can act as a QR code for print media or outside advertising such as billboards, that will facilitate free web calls from viewers directly to you. Or if customers would like to contact the suppliers call center directly, the feature can also be added as a QR code on the product itself.

With Velox's click-to-call button, you can maximise your marketing strategy. The technology is powerful enough to drive sales since most of the callers are hot leads for your business, allowing you to convert them to sales.

Equip Your Business With Velox's C2C Button

If you are looking for a powerful call-to-action button for your business, then click-to-call is the answer. Add a click-to-callbutton to your website to take advantage of the many benefits that it stands to offer. Velox, a VoIP provider in Singapore, now offers a free Click2Call button - opening up a whole new prospect by making communication between you and your client that much more smoother. Add this feature to your VoIP phone and go above and beyond for your customers in Singapore today!


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