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4 Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone for Your FnB Business in Singapore

What are VoIP phones?

Many industries took a hit and were hammered by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Among them, the food and beverage industry in particular were in a fight for survival. The measures being put in place were definitely working against them. However, now that the restrictions are being eased, F&B owners are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Business owners are finally able to look into ways to improve business and enjoy increased profits.

When it comes to having a reliable phone system, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the best option, and for good reason too. It is an affordable, effective telecom solution that can benefit your business in so many ways. It is a device that uses the internet rather than the traditional analog method. It gives businesses the flexibility to communicate through a digital network. And by doing so, get to enjoy the many features offered by VoIP phones in Singapore - such as easy management, call recording, expert support, and low costs!

So, what exactly do F&B businesses stand to benefit from switching over to a VoIP phone system? Well, here are a few ways in which VoIP can be a communications solution that drives success for the food and beverage industry in Singapore.

Lets you receive more orders

One of the ways in which VoIP can transform your restaurant's communication is in the way you interact with your customers as they are trying to place orders. Although your customer may have to be put on hold, with VoIP they can listen to a professional, friendly message and greeting and then are given numerous options on how best to proceed. Compared to a standard phone system which will most likely subject them to a busy tone leading them to hang up, a VoIP system can help to deter this and hence, reduce the risk of the restaurant losing potential customers. It provides good customer service, in turn driving up sales and revenue.

Monitor the quality of your calls

VoIP phones allow you to record and listen in on the calls that your employees have made. By doing so, you are able to keep track of your employees and serve as a tool for accountability. This feature can also help as training material to help in the management and teaching of staff, for both small and big businesses. In turn, they are able to provide good customer service. Furthermore, restaurants can also analyse these call details records for marketing purposes. The gathered data, through a phone recording system, can be utilised to create marketing strategies or promotions that target customer needs.

Ease of management

VoIP phones provide a unified system that makes ordering more efficient for both customers and staff. This especially benefits franchises. For example, if customers were to call the wrong outlet, staff can easily transfer the call to the right outlet. As opposed to a normal phone, where customers would have to redial the right number on their own, a VoIP eliminates the chance of customers getting upset and not wanting to call anymore. This also helps prevent the restaurant from losing out on potential revenue.

Apart from benefiting your customers, a VoIP phone allows you to get in touch with the other outlets to pass down messages and streamline workflow. It enhances productivity by ensuring that all activities in the restaurant stay fluid and efficient at all times.

Complements your business' marketing efforts

From introducing a new menu item to calling out a new promotion, a VoIP phone allows you to communicate these new deals to customers who are waiting on the line. Business owners can customise the on-hold music to mention the ongoing deals instead.

Old phone systems are unable to handle multiple offices or phone systems in multiple locations. Multi-site businesses will benefit from an upgrade so communications can be unified. New PBX phone systems can allow employees to call from a single phone number despite different locations. So it doesn't matter if you are stepping out of the office for a moment, or working from home, you can still be connected with the same work number and features that you would enjoy at your desk.

Get a VoIP phone for your F&B business today

Having a VoIP phone is beneficial to your F&B business. With Velox's latest feature, the click-to-call button, customers can even make reservations directly from the restaurant's website. With the ease of restrictions in Singapore, having a good VoIP phone system can help you connect with your customers better.

Additionally, adding Velox's click-to-call button to your restaurant's website also saves diners' time by allowing them to call directly using their mobile devices to make a booking - they do not have to wait for a long time before being connected to a reservation officer. In turn, this reduces the chance of them changing their minds and not patronising your restaurant.

Find out more about Velox, Singapore's top VoIP provider, and the VoIP solutions they offer.


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