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A Deeper Look into VoIP Call Quality (Plus how to Improve It!)

Ever felt like you could enjoy better audio quality in some parts of your workplace than others?

When it comes to the matter of being able to enjoy the usage of VoIP for your calling needs, it is truly understandable that you want to be able to enjoy high quality for each VoIP call.

This is particularly true when the call may be about urgent matters, when you have not spoken to someone for a long time, or when the call is for the sake of discussing important business and work issues.

However, the reality is that there can be factors that do impact that quality of the call in a negative manner, which means that the calls may not be clear and free of problems, interruptions, etc. That is why we address three important factors that can impact that quality of calls that are made via the usage of VoIP.

Factors Affecting Call Quality

1. Infrastructural issues

Infrastructural issues

It is possible for the quality of the call that is conducted via the usage of VoIP to be compromised when there is the presence of infrastructural issues.

This can be a result of routers that tend to be faulty. Modems may be somewhat defective, which can also result in the experience of interference in regard to the quality level of the audio of the call.

Do note in order to reduce the level of interference regarding the quality of the audio of the call, calls should be conducted on the premises when there is the usage of on-premise PBX. In other words, there must be close proximity to the equipment when making or receiving a VoIP call.

2. Jitters from faulty internet connection

Jitters from faulty internet connection

The quality of the call that is conducted via the usage of VoIP may be impacted in a negative manner as a result of the presence of jitters that occur when the connection of the internet happens to be faulty. Jitters result in the delivery of packets of information that are out of sequence.

In other words, this means that information is transported to the line of the recipient in a different manner than it was originally presented. Therefore, it cannot be denied that when there is the occurrence of jitters, this can most definitely affect the quality of the VoIP call in a significant manner.

3. Magnetic fields of other electronic devices

Magnetic fields of other electronic devices

It is also possible for the quality of the call that is made via the usage of VoIP to be impacted in a negative manner due to the various magnetic fields that are derived from the presence of other electronic devices.

When there are many other magnetic fields, this frequently can create much static as well as an echoing effect. Both static and echoing can be an extensively frustrating experience for both people on the call.


In an effort to ensure that there is the best possible quality of your calls that are conducted via the usage of VoIP, the solution is to instead implement the usage of a PBX that is cloud-based.

This type of PBX can make connections with any type of internet connection that is available such as mobile data or Wi-Fi for the assurance of the maximum quality of all your VoIP calls. Also, there can be off-site usage, as there is no requirement for the application of physical hardware or a physical infrastructure.

Moreover, a PBX that is cloud-based is noted as being a highly flexible solution due to the fact that calls can be made in any region of the world via the usage of mobile data or Wi-Fi.

If you are looking for a cloud-based PBX, Velox has it. Get in touch to find out more.


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