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4 Reasons Why Telemarketing is Still Relevant in The Digital Economy?

Telemarketing has come a long way since the use of the telephone has allowed businesses to call up leads to do marketing. However, with the ongoing digital transformation in recent years, the use of telemarketing by companies has been significantly reduced. One would expect telemarketing to phase out by now, with “do not call” lists and the rapid advancement of technology but it hasn't - why not?

1. It Works

60% of marketing managers of Fortue 500 companies testify to the effectiveness of telemarketing when it comes to closing sales. Connecting with people is an inherent aspect of human society. We seek out and lean on human interaction. Human interaction also plays a vital role in businesses. Especially during this pandemic time, when we are unable to be as social as we would like to be. We see human interaction still being a key factor when it comes to closing sales. The personal touch and human element that is engaged during a call, makes the marketing initiative a worthy investment.

Telemarketing gives businesses the ability to be interactive with their customers or prospective customers. They can campaign for new products and services, generate, and qualify leads, prompt them to visit stores and showrooms and set appointments. The efforts go beyond just disseminating information. Telemarketers can also address customer's queries and give them the attention they need over the phone.

2. It Generates Leads

One of the primary objectives of businesses and companies is to generate leads. Telemarketing is also a great tool to generate leads - to reach out to a targeted prospect or customer to communicate a message, gather feedback, and determine a next step for the relationship.

Telemarketing has been proven to be the fastest way of securing new customers. Businesses can bank on telemarketing to compile lists of new prospects. These lists are then passed to the sales team who can reach these customers to generate sales. Through telemarketing, we are also able to identify the nature and requirements of the prospective customers. After closing a sale, it is important for the telemarketer to follow up with the customer. A follow up with generated leads can increase sales opportunities by 20%.

3. It Enables Companies to Conduct Surveys

Other than increasing sales, telemarketing is also an efficient tool in analysing the success of marketing and sales campaigns. It allows for the contacting of customers to gather reviews and gauge levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction and relay this information to the marketing team for analysis. Thus, it acts as an efficient tool to conduct surveys and compile information. This information remains relevant as companies seek out prospective or inactive clients, be it for future marketing campaigns or for help in reconnecting.

4. Enhance Customer Experience

Even with today's digital age, bringing about a wave of digital marketing, technological advancements, a strong presence of social media and search engines, nothing can beat the value-driven from a personal conversation with a customer. They remain essential to generate leads and make sales for many companies. Telemarketers are given the opportunity to approach customers with a friendly demeanour, prompting them to listen before deciding. Finding the perfect balance between being cordial and professional, telemarketers can tap out the maximum potential from the art of telemarketing.

Telemarketing also serves as a cost-effective strategy to reach out and connect with old leads, or inactive clients. Cost-effective because studies have shown that it costs five times more to gain a new client than to retain a past one. By treating prospective and existing customers as acquaintances rather than customers, telemarketers can ensure a satisfactory customer experience. Therefore, let's not be too quick to decide to do away with telemarketing as an effective marketing strategy.

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