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Why Should Businesses Choose VoIP?

What are VoIP phones exactly? An essential part of the communications toolkit, the telephone, has been used by businesses for over a century. However, the cost of traditional phone systems can be affecting your company. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the alternative for you. It is the next step in the evolution of the phone.

A VoIP phone is a device that uses the internet instead of a pair of direct connect copper wires to provide telephone service. Essentially, it means you can talk to others over an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. With a VoIP phone, you can still use your phone handset, tablet, or computer. The major difference lies in the way the call is transmitted. VoIP phones give you greater mobility, interoperability, and connectivity compared to traditional landline phones in Singapore.

VoIP phones process telephone calls from the internet or the cloud. The technology employs existing computer network cabling or Wi-Fi to access telephone networks. You can save the expense of having to change any hardware as no additional copper wiring is needed to use your VoIP business phone service. In most cases, you can retain your existing phone number that may be ported from your current telecommunications service provider to your cloud VoIP provider. The technology behind VoIP is designed to make the process simple. Just pick up the handset and dial a number. The same idea applies to receiving a VoIP phone call. As easy as any other call.

Differences Between VoIP and Landlines

There are several major and important differences between VoIP phone systems and landlines in Singapore.

A landline utilizes copper wires that carry analogue voice data. This analogue connection limits the types of new features that service providers can introduce. Most carriers only offer basic features. A VoIP system uses packet-switched technology. This converts the analogue voice data into a digital format and enables the call to travel along network packets via the internet. With digital communications rapidly becoming the new standard in both business and consumer technology, most phone companies have committed to building out a digital infrastructure going forward.

If you don't have broadband, then the landline is for you. A landline does not require an internet connection. With VoIP, all you need to do is connect your phone to your office or home data network in the same way that you connect your laptop without any need for adaptors. Alternatively, you can use a Wi-Fi phone. Because it uses an internet connection, VoIP service providers are able to offer a wider and more useful set of features.

All international calls are chargeable by the minute for both VoIP systems and Landline systems, and some companies offer free unlimited calls to bundled destinations for a monthly fee, usually at a lower rate than landline plans.

While landlines offer features such as caller ID and call waiting for a monthly fee, VoIP service providers can offer these for free, as well as many other features such as call recording, advanced call routing, fax to email and more.

Benefits of VoIP

The numerous benefits that come with VoIP phones are hard to ignore.

Since you can use your existing internet connection, there are additional savings with no installation fees or bulky telecom equipment. There's no physical hardware involved, and you never need to worry about maintenance, repairs or upgrades. All three are done for you seamlessly. To use VoIP, all you need is a computer or mobile device. Other landline phones require dedicated copper wiring separate from the computer network connection.

Rather than phone numbers, VoIP allows you to link to user accounts. This, in turn, lets you switch between simultaneous calls on a given account. It also allows you to easily contact anyone anywhere around the world without having to input country or area codes - and of course, this also applies to all calls between users, irrespective of where the VoIP phone is geographically located.

Companies also get easy access to advanced voicemail features, such as voicemail-to-email. This may be particularly attractive to telecommuting employees. Depending on the VoIP voicemail plan options selected, employees may even receive the actual voicemail message as an email attachment.

Compared to landlines, VoIP provides a higher quality audio range. You will sound much better and hear every word with higher fidelity. However, do note that free VoIP applications such as WhatsApp do not incorporate many of these features. Hence the call quality on these free apps is often suboptimal.

Choose VoIP Phones For Your Business

VoIP phone service is a top choice among enterprises and businesses in Singapore. With its advanced technology and features, it is the best business phone system you could have. Head over to Velox to check out our VoIP phone services plan today!


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