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Ways to Make a Seamless Transition to Remote Working

Many employers are now allowing their employees to work from home due to the pandemic and also as a result of the flexibility it provides. Remote working is reshaping a future new world of work. Although the pandemic was a mighty pushing force in companies having to transition to working from home, it also brought about enlightenment on how successful teleworking can be. Employees who have been working from home seem to enjoy a greater sense of work-life balance and experience higher productivity. Companies also stand to benefit through a reduction of expenses that usually come with maintaining in-office employees.

However, transitioning to remote work can be challenging for companies that do not have enough resources to make the switch seamlessly. Furthermore, with the unexpected nature of the pandemic, and new measures always around the corner, it is wise to be prepared. Although 2020 may be considered the year of remote work, it may just be the beginning of a trend set to continue in the years to come. Read on to find out how you can help transition your employees to work from home efficiently.

Getting Started

1. Help Employees Set Up Their Home Office

It does take some time to manage household distractions and set up a dedicated space to work. You can ease this process by providing your employees with the necessary equipment to work efficiently from home. Allow them to bring their laptops as well as any other work equipment that is required, home. For those who are in the telemarketing or sales field, it is also imperative that they have a pair of headphones. Office supplies such as stationery can go a long way in both helping your employees stock up and serving as a form of encouragement.

Among having to embrace a host of communication tools, would be providing a work phone for your employee. It would be difficult for them to have to juggle both their personal and work calls on their handphones, which could impede efficiency in the long run.

2. Allow For Easy Data Access

All of the necessary data from work should be easily accessible for employees who are working from their homes. Shared drives can be set up as it would allow for easy collaboration among or within teams as well. Employees would not have to go through the hassle of having to download every document onto their laptops before transitioning to work from home. Projects can be worked on with different teams without the need for proximity.

Additional Support

1. Essential Applications for WFH

For ease of communication between teams or employees, instant messaging (IM) platforms can be introduced. Integrating IM platforms into the day-to-day functions of companies helps to decrease needless, back-and-forth phone calls and alleviate miscommunications. Task trackers can also be used to keep track of productivity. Employers can easily set due dates for tasks and keep track of their employee's progress virtually as well.

Online meeting applications such as Zoom or GoogleMeets is a necessity for virtual meetings among employees or with clients. These essential software creates a new iteration of communication and collaboration tools. They guide companies to foster better connectivity even when workers are not working together physically.

2. Decentralized Cloud-Based Office Phone System

With a cloud-based office phone system, employees will be able to call clients on their computers without using their own personal phones. It would allow for a smooth transition between personal and working hours and ensure that no calls from clients or prospects will be missed. Since calls will still display your company's number, it will allow your company in Singapore to maintain customer satisfaction rates. Overall, it will play a major role in helping your employee set up a dedicated space to work in.

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