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Velox Networks' Founder and CEO, Martin Nygate Is Helming the Firm by Offering Robust IT Solutions: GoodFirms

Velox Networks is a fully-featured native cloud PBX telecommunications platform to deploy office phone systems for remote workers. It is an effectively simple cloud phone system! Velox sets up a phone system for clients' business exceptionally quickly, in which no IT knowledge is required!

Velox offers an abundance of advanced phone system features. Manufacturers can append a phone number; edit the user list, voicemail boxes, and more to their account with a few clicks. The professionals focus on Voice so that clients can focus on their business. Velox is also accredited by the Infocomm Media Development Authority.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Martin Nygate to get full details about the company and its robust services.

Starting with the interview, Martin mentions that Velox Networks Pte Ltd is a licensed telecommunications service provider in Singapore, approved by the Singapore government to provide complete fixed-line telecommunications services. Its mandate is to support small and medium-sized businesses in migrating to a cloud telephony platform resulting in decreased costs, improving functionality, and deploying a telephony platform to distant home-based users.

Talking about the concept behind commencing the business, the founders sought a cloud telephony platform for a previous company; however, failed to find a stable and functionally prosperous solution. This is how they decided to develop the platform in-house.

Once they commissioned the platform and deployed it, other companies approached the experts who wanted a similar solution. They decided to continue developing and commercializing the original platform and added functionality and associated components such as a telco-grade billing system. The company was granted the telco license by the Singapore government in April 2017 and had been snowballing since.

When asked about the business model, Martin asserts that due to the licenses from the Singapore government precluding Velox from reselling the service, its business model is based on B2B directly to customers and end-users.

Further, Martin mentions the features of Velox that enable it to stand uniquely amongst its competitors.

➔ Velox handles clients' entire voice platform from a particular portal, enabling the user, destination, or billing changes to be executed in real-time.

➔ If clients want their allocated number to call many extensions, Velox helps them call together or one after another.

➔ Business people can order any number of seats, and they will have the system ready in minutes - kick back and wait for their pre-configured phones to come.

➔ If any manufacturer needs to block certain users from making external calls, Velox supports routing all new calls to a precise number in real-time by utilizing the client area.

Thus, backed with such proficient IT professionals, Velox taps into the list of top IT service providers in Singapore at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below reflects the robust services rendered by Velox Networks.


Moreover, the Velox for Smartphones app extends as a desk phone and operates identically as follows.

➔ When someone calls on clients' business extension, it will ring on their desk phone and smartphone simultaneously, wherever they are in the world - as long as their smartphone is data enabled with either cellular or WiFi. The incoming bell is at no charge, even if they are roaming since the incoming call is a "data call."

➔ Business people can do outbound calls from the Velox App just in the way they were calling from their office extension and at the same call price rate - as long as their smartphone is data equipped with either cellular or WiFi.

➔ A typical Velox call applies 100 kbps which is a minimal amount of data so that it will have no impact on clients' roaming data plans. Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for roaming incoming and outgoing calls when business owners can save 99% practicing the Velox for Smartphone App.

Martin cites that the key differentiators are based on the single price; functionally rich solution used 24 hours. Velox is a unique & easy-to-use customer configuration portal combined with dedicated and proactive account administration, resulting in its growing status as the predominant cloud PBX Company.

The professionals cater to all industries and market segments, including commercial entities, charitable organizations, education facilities, religious organizations, and government bodies. Velox's customer base is both domestic and international.

Martin also mentions that with a SaaS business model and a churn rate of less than 1%, coupled with the relocation of office-based workers to home offices requiring the extension of a traditional office-based PBX system, Velox is proliferating.

Thus, with such robust features, Velox will soon get dubbed as one of the top IT services companies at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the quality of services offered by Velox Networks.


In conclusion, Martin says that the Velox cloud PBX platform gives all the functionality of a high-end conventional PBX, including exceptional call routing, call recording, auto attendant, web click2call functions, and softphones for cell phones and PCs.

He further divulges that due to the covid-19 pandemic and the deployment of office-based workers to home offices. This trend is expected to continue even post covid-19 pandemic, and the ability to make and receive business calls on the Velox Softphone is driving more and more businesses to subscribe to the Velox platform.

With a consumer churn rate of sub 1%, dedicated and highly knowledgeable account management is the key to Velox's success and customer satisfaction. Moreover, senior management and directors are in direct contact with the customers and prospects daily to understand the customers' needs and deliver market-driven functionality.

Martin believes that within the next 5-10 years, Velox will compete directly with traditional telecommunications companies such as BT, Vodafone, etc., for telecommunication services provided to small and medium-sized businesses globally.

Thus, having read the details shared by Martin Nygate, one can go through the interview he gave to GoodFirms.

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