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Can Cloud-Based PBX Systems Boost Customer Satisfaction?

Hardly anyone has made it through the pandemic with their work-life unchanged. Be it losing their jobs, or a shift to working from home, millions faced change. The shift to remote work led to an onslaught of consequences, both good and bad. The benefits included the absence of commuting and a more flexible working schedule. However, there were also disadvantages such as a reduction in effective communication between business stakeholders.

With effective communication being the cornerstone of any successful business, it was important for businesses in Singapore to find a way to fill this gap and not allow the pandemic to halt smooth communication. One of the most effective solutions that came up was implementing a cloud-based office phone system.

Cloud PBX And What Is It?

Cloud PBX, in simple terms, is a business phone system that is hosted and powered through the Internet, rather than on-site. In further detail, the cloud refers to software and services run on the Internet, and PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange - a private telephone system which allows organisations in Singapore to communicate internally and externally. It provides all the functionality needed in an office phone system such as voicemail, call-forwarding, and calling. Unlike a traditional phone system, the cloud PBX system uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which uses the Internet to route telephone calls between endpoints by converting the sound into data packets. These travel over the internet to the hosted cloud PBX provider, establishing a clear calling path between both parties.

Depending on the company's needs, there are a few different types of cloud PBX systems available in Singapore. A digital PBX that can deploy a traditional analogue PBX system and IP phones are often a popular choice for businesses with older wiring, unsecured phone lines, or unreliable internet connection. An on-site IP PBX system uses existing internet connections that are readily available. They use the business's internal networks and can deliver more advanced applications such as interfacing with other elements of your business's unified communications, like voicemail to email, mobility integration, and video calling.

A hybrid PBX system uses both digital PBX and VoIP technology to create a blended system that uses a digital phone system in-house and VoIP solutions to connect to external phone numbers. It is one of the most efficient ways to get the best of both worlds. And lastly, the most cost-effective, easy-to-manage, flexible and scalable option comes with all the advanced calling features - the cloud-based PBX system.

How Does Cloud PBX Boost Customer Satisfaction

Cloud PBX has an auto-attendant feature that helps to manage incoming calls. This, in turn, reduces the risk of losing customers due to missed incoming calls. You can record a different greeting for the day, night and weekend. Using this feature can help improve efficiency in call routing and boost customer satisfaction.

Uninterrupted communication is essential to get the total potential out of your employees, and cloud PBX can offer this feature. Softphones make it incredibly easy to render uninterrupted customer service due to their portability. Another valuable benefit is how cloud PBX systems in Singaporecan integrate with other productivity apps, enabling the team to call directly from the app and log call activity. The marketing or customer service team can then use this information to improve customer relationship management.

One Solution, Many Benefits

Cloud PBX is truly a one-stop solution with numerous benefits. It saves cost, provides convenient accessibility, has customer service-centric features, and is easily scalable. Moving towards a cloud-based PBX system entails having an office phone system that will meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

Get in touch with Velox, a cloud PBX provider in Singapore, to learn how to upgrade your phone system to a cloud-based office phone system to help your business deliver customer satisfaction today.


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