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3 Reasons Why Your Employees Need A Workphone

Work-life balance is an important aspect of a healthy work environment. It helps to reduce stress and prevent burnouts in the workplace. With remote working on the rise, one such way to perpetuate this balance is to encourage the use of a separate phone for work. It isn't a new trend for working adults to have separate phones for work and personal life, but what are some of the benefits of giving your employees a phone dedicated to work calls and communications?

1. Better Compartmentalisation

Compartmentalising refers to you mentally separating conflicting thoughts, emotions, or experiences to avoid the discomfort of contradiction. Having a different phone for different purposes would give you the means to isolate your personal life from your professional life. The use of a wholly separate device provides a mental switch between your personal and professional personas. Through switching the context, you are able to boost your focus and productivity and how you present yourself to your contacts. When you pick up your work phone, you will realize that there is a change in your vocal tone, phrasing and thought processes.

This entire process of compartmentalisation gives you a sense of control, ensuring the maintenance of a sane divide between work and play. It yields benefits such as increased productivity and a decreased chance of burnout as employees get to “switch off” after work by switching phones or leaving their work phone at home. With a work phone, it also reduces the use of social media applications during working hours, and employees will not receive personal texts or calls, thereby decreasing distractions.

2. Maintain Professionalism

A phone purely used for work/business means that all calls that come through are work-related. Calls that come in through your work phone can be answered without interruptions from your personal life. Personal calls or notifications will not stand in the way as a disruption when you are answering customer calls. This is a major plus as customers and clients may see interruptions as unprofessional and it may stand in the way as a temporary loss of productive collaboration or flow.

By investing in a work phone for your employees, you will also avoid losing customers/clients when employees leave the company. There will also be no need to inform them of a change of number either, as new incoming employees can take over the number.

3. Automation and Consistency

Having a dedicated work phone speeds and simplifies business interactions through automation. You are at liberty to set standards and guidelines for employees to abide by when handling work calls. Calls to a business line may have different handling standards than that of personal calls, texts, or voicemails. Thus, through having a work line, it is easier to ensure consistency of services during business hours. It reflects well upon the company when customers and clients feel at ease about the consistency they experience every time they interact with your employees.

A work phone will also include strict Standard of Procedures (SOPs) for forwarding and redirecting calls, especially during urgent business transactions. VoIP phone systems can route calls to an employee's work cell phone. Even if a certain employee is unavailable, a colleague can handle their inquiries or service calls, meaning no missed sales opportunities or delayed services. Such a form of business automation paves the way for quality and consistency on the company's part.

Velox is your one-stop telecommunications service provider in Singapore. Our cost-efficient VoIP phone system is your chance at having a clear and professional communication. For any company considering having a work phone, our cloud-based PBX phone system is a practical and straightforward solution for you. With telecommuting becoming a norm, integrating and creating such a seamless communication experience for your employees and clients is definitely a step in the right direction.


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