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3 Reasons Why Phone Calls Triumph over Text Messages

Texting might seem like the preferred mode of communication. Not only do you avoid having to deal with awkward silences when speaking to a distant individual and unclear audio, but you get your message across and can easily refer to message archives for information. But is it a healthy way to communicate with your social circle?

While texting appears to have an abundant number of advantages, it does have some significant shortcomings as well. For one, text messages can be easily ignored and forgotten. Furthermore, there is more room for miscommunication, as it is a lot easier for one's tone to be misinterpreted from text messages. Relying solely on texting might seem impersonal as well. It could also be distracting, especially if you are caught in the middle of something else.

Instead of using only text messages, why not pick up the phone the next time you want to reconnect with a long-lost friend? Here are three reasons why phone calls are miles better than text messages.

1. Phone Calls Happen in Real-Time

Phone Calls Happen in Real-Time

[10:50 PM, 9/11/2020] Brenda Ho: Hey Mildred! Long time no see, shall we meet up for dinner this Friday?

[8:03 AM, 10/11/2020] Brenda Ho: Hey! So would you be free for dinner this Friday?

[9:03 AM, 12/11/2020] Brenda Ho: ..... Do let me know if you can make it?

Ever sent a WhatsApp message to a friend only to be kept waiting hours or days for a reply?

It can be frustrating especially if you need a response urgently. Unfortunately, text messages are easy to miss. This might lead to misunderstandings and even conflicts!

While text messages are noted to have a 98% open rate, another 2% of them do not get addressed at all!

With phone calls, on the other hand, neither party will be left waiting for a response as information is shared in real-time. They are more personal and respectful of each party's time.

2. Phone Calls are More Intimate than Text Messages

Phone Calls are More Intimate than Text Messages

It's a lot easier to express your emotions through call than text message.

With phone calls, you give the other party your undivided attention. It shows more sincerity than a text message as having a phone conversation requires having to take time out of your day to have a decent conversation with them.

In addition, both parties are probably going to be more invested in the phone conversation than an online chat as they are both listening and taking in the information the other party shares.

3. It's Easier to Resolve Conflicts on the Phone rather than Text Messages

It's Easier to Resolve Conflicts on the Phone rather than Text Messages

Emotional conversation can lead to misinterpretations, especially if they are done via text messages. It might be a little challenging to decipher tone, sincerity, sarcasm and other emotions through walls of text messages.

Even using emojis might be inappropriate, particularly if both parties are caught in a heated conversation.

With phone calls, however, there is no opportunity for either party to twist the other's words or misinterpret the tone.

More importantly, resolving a conflict over the phone eliminates the sense of anxiety in awaiting a response. It guarantees timely communication and privacy that encourage both parties to commit to a conversation.

An Old-school Tactic that Still Works

Phone calls were introduced decades before platforms such as WhatsApp and WeChat came into the picture. Regardless, they still work even in the age of chatrooms by helping both callers and receivers enjoy pleasant and effective conversations. The next time you want to catch up with a relative, skip the chat rooms and pick up the phone instead!

And yet, there are numerous other factors that can influence the quality of your phone calls like audio quality and more. Luckily with Velox, we ensure that every phone conversation you have is a fruitful one. Find out more about our phone systems today.


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